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Adhesives & Sealants Have A Vital Role In Solar Installations

Solar energy is still the most efficient way to get clean energy. Adhesives and sealants are small, unseen but crucial elements that make rooftop solar panel installations possible. Installers begin by using sealants to waterproof the roof surface and then create a dam and bond line that will keep water out. As a result, an understanding of the substrates that are to be bonded is the first step – and this determines the choice of sealant. Manufacturers need to be ready to assist.

MS polymers are best suited to asphalt roofing and in installations where the surface area is relatively low, while Silicones provide a practical choice for metal to metal systems. Butyl solutions work with a wide range of resins and are a popular choice. An additional piece of information that manufacturers may be called upon to supply, the way in which an adhesive cures under various ambient conditions, will be of help to solar installers. HB Fuller has informed solar energy professionals that suppliers of adhesives and sealants can provide customized solutions that match their procedures.

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