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Ailete Sealant To Promote Innovative Validation Solutions

Seal to promote innovative validation solutions from traditional hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles, today's cars rely on electronic equipment to improve the safety, reliability, emissions, energy efficiency and comfort than ever before. 

Meanwhile, automotive electronics, despite long exposure to extreme temperatures, humidity and mechanical stress performance is reliable. In addition, vehicle-mounted electronic equipment increased functionality and power density are often generated more heat can also reduce the performance and reliability. 

Ailete can help you browse these challenge, has over 70 years of expertise and industry most widely of advanced of organic silicon combination one of hot shrink material, adhesive glue, irrigation seal material, and insurance shaped paint, we can help you found best of material solution programme: 

• distributed harmful hot: with industry most widely of thermal conductivity Silicon resin of combination one of, Ailete can meet needs, from standard to most advanced of electronic application. For integration and powerful components, our advanced compounds and grease with high thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance interface is thin. Thermal conductivity adhesive glue for more stringent requirements we provide high thermal conductivity and dielectric properties of strong unique combinations. Gap filler product we can give customers the thermal performance and the perfect combination of economy. 

• Bonding and sealing of case: our high performance silicone adhesives and sealants with excellent non-James Bond for your cover, seal and clamps. Can hold FR4, polybutylene terephthalate, aluminum, copper and other common materials, its strong adhesive to maintain flexibility over a wide temperature range, they are well adapted to the coefficient of thermal expansion of the material did not match. 

•Package components: the ability to embed complex parts, our low modulus silicone sealant provides durable protection, protect from moisture, extreme temperatures, salt and produces thermal cycling and vibration or severe mechanical stress. Our ultra low modulus silicone gel is pollution and stress, to protect the most vulnerable from the line is minimized. 

• Coated plates and components: Conformal coatings our high performance has helped to remove the machine screws, fasteners, innovative programme to lose weight. These materials have a time-tested performance under high and low temperature conditions, making them a reliable solution to protect your most sensitive electronic equipment.

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