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Big Wave Electric Car Sealant Formulation Experiment Thought

Formulation engineering for a while, feeling some tricky, you report the next see everyone there was no feeling in this regard. Experimental results are not stable, even recipes, to do experimental 2 results are biased, when small, can sometimes affect the way road. Own experiment, and busy, and sometimes can be seen from the results Ni Duan, sometimes you have to do it again. More depressing. Process can not be strictly enforced, even if the formula decided on because of production and curing process for workers to change or not strictly enforced, resulting in finished product physical characteristics and are expected to vary widely, sometimes unable to judge direction. Experimental properties of small rollers are very high, secret practice production is not up to this most confused and perplexed me.

Test is not stable: best in a sample, by the same person, the same machine, same time, same way! If there is instability, you really have to consider your formulations, processes, issues such as; the process is not strictly it is your management in place, liberty point! Do you have a technology problem! Find a combination of law, does not solve the problem yet!

Headlight bonding and sealing silicone, Baoan-xingyong for silica analysis: basically, put all the blame to the operator, this is definitely not a desirable style! Think operators give you trouble, why should operators give you trouble? If you can't find the cause, this problem will never solve, the stick is unable to deal with skilled workers! Car car test results will be biased is an inevitable phenomenon, but this phenomenon is not without rules to follow, find this rule, this bias is easy to solve! Suggest or think your reason, strengthening to strengthen himself is really the last word! To an essential stage, technology is not opportunistic!

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