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Internet + Power Steering Sealant Industry

In his Government report and various conferences many times Internet +, the Prime Minister said: "the industrial transformation of innovation also rely on Internet" + ". The rapid development of auto industry in recent years, birth-related auto parts product brands. As car assembling the most important part of auto glass, including windshield and side window glass, rear window during the installation process without an important material-auto glass sealant. According to statistics, adhesives and sealants for automobile industry in our country annual consumption has more than 400,000 tons and will increase year by year. As a pillar industry of the automotive industry, not only to meet the needs of domestic users, and to participate in the competition in the world market, wants to gain the initiative in the market, including sealing and motor vehicle-related facilities and technology, needs to constantly strive for excellence.

Glass friends focused Yu car glass sealed rubber research, and production up ten years of long, currently company main products car glass sealed rubber material is polyurethane sealed rubber, glass friends car glass sealed rubber except has stick received strength high, and elastic good, and resistance aging, and resistance various organic solvent of features zhiwai, in design and development in the used latest process technology, makes products has high stick degrees of while, and has good of extrusion sex, even in winter, glass friends sealed rubber also also construction sex excellent, wind glass assembly using glass friends sealed rubber, early viscous good, Safe time is short.

At present, the glass production base in Shenzhen, Dongguan, with the production of tons, products not only meet the needs of the domestic market, some foreign auto makers have also become friends glass partners. In the domestic market, to make it easier to serve the customers, friends of glass are provided with shipping warehouses in major cities across the country, for customers who purchase the used network, regardless of where, in the NET form, glass will endeavour to arrive within 24 hours.

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