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New Pressure Sensitive Adhesive For Low Surface Energy Substrates

Low Surface energy (LSE) materials are increasingly being used in automotive and industrial manufacturing. The materials have excellent characteristics including their light weight, but bonding them to other materials is difficult. Ashland Inc. has developed a pressure sensitive modified acrylic adhesive, Aroset™ PS 5335, that will help manufacturers to overcome this challenge. It adheres well to LSE materials, even when they are textured or uneven.

Ashland says that its new adhesive bonds aggressively to olefins such as PE or PP and that its high-solids modified acrylic adhesive allows for the elimination of CMR’s like toluene and vinyl acetate. Aroset PS 5335 will be used on durable labels and is suitable for signage and fleet branding since it exhibits minimal vinyl shrinkage. It also adheres well to metal substrates. Tape manufacturers will be able to produce tapes with high coating weights without a significant reduction in coating speed, lowering production costs. The adhesive’s fast wet-out and strong adhesion properties make it suitable for automotive and aerospace applications.

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