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Rainy Season Is The Attention Problem Of An Aging Automobile Sealant

Summer torrential rains in some areas, flooding streets, vehicle problems. After the storm, car repair station repair cars always increasing, employees have to work overtime. While most of the vehicles awaiting repairs because of flooding or strange water, generator or engine failure need to be fixed. After flooding traffic-soaked in water to check the circuit were blisters, engines and electrical systems of the most vulnerable. Therefore, owners in the summer rainy season to increase the car inspection and maintenance measures.

Ageing sealant rainwater inside the car even if the car hasn't been soaked by water, after the storm also is very likely wrong, need to have an overall inspection and maintenance. A day after a downpour, owner Mr to parking the car, opened the doors found in front of the driver's seat was full of water, the Ottomans were soaking wet, but the rear seats are co-pilot and very dry. Carefully shut the Windows, skylights, rain is how shall I ran into the car? 

Checked and found, is due to the a-pillar rubber seal near failure caused leaking. Therefore, owners should always check for vehicle sealing, such as windscreen near location of rubber seal. Washing the car allows staff to use water cannons to spray when the sealing strip side, check if there is water. If the seal problem, recommends buying auto glass insurance vehicle, insurance replacement vehicle without insurance, you will need to go to the beauty shop front glass removed, patched with professional sealant and reloading. Worth noting is that to check the engine location for water infiltration.

Insider tips: periodically check the wind and waterproof before slot cars of modern vehicles are equipped with drainage holes, water in the vehicle's mechanical and electrical systems have serious implications is not much, but some took longer to sealants and other old cars because the car you need to pay special attention to the impact of aging.

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