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Share Car Daytime Running Light Sealant Description

With LED daytime running lights and work lights used in automobile, using traditional ethanol waterproof adhesive removal PC Lampshade in the following adverse events.

1, lights in the volatiles produced at high temperatures, reflectors, PC clear Lampshade corrosion and fog affected glow, giving the appearance of poor quality.

2, during the long rain (4-7) seal off ethanol not hydrolysis resistance, easy to open and leaking.

Special use of the above decision in the car LED daytime running lights and work lights on an existing plant production ethanol removal sealing silicone should not be used.

Automobile electric appliance sealant-xingyong silicone designed specifically for Automotive LED daytime running lights and work lights sealing silicone YW-101B-2 design and production of a removal of methanol, as cream flow, black, packaging 100ML, 300ML, 2600ML, suitable for manual and automatic dispensing operations.

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