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Silicone Seal Between The Manufacturers Of Silicone Rubber Adhesive

Have already been Vulcanized silicone rubber film and then a layer of silicone rubber, vulcanized, although the two can stick a piece of, but is not in prison how to improve bonding of solid? Second time attention to Userboxes/Time and die temperature, can also mould arabesquitic Office law, individual adhesive plaster surface design of gauge with back Gou arabesquitic. first layer of silicone rubber to less sulfur, it's better! First floor has optimum cure, such as to ensure good adhesive, dehairing process. the first layer in the mold open pour type t, vulcanized 100 seconds would be nice.

Baoan electronic fixed plastic manufacturers-xingyong of silicone share: actual work, the product is the sheet, the first layer must be sulphur well, is determined by its performance, the second appearance, if the first layer under cure, after the second layer, disulfide can not be too long, otherwise the next layers will change color, less sulfur and affect the performance of the first. In a Word, after the first layer of fully cured, pressure layers, how to improve their adhesion. First surface can't play, can't get undercut. Compound can have any idea? (Silica surface treatment agent, then try Silicone adhesive cured at room temperature.) Silicone adhesive coating, xingyong silicone YW-8510 series.

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