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Stunning One-component Polyurethane Sealant

Single component polyurethane sealed rubber not only on traditional of metal has good of stick received sealed effect, and on thermoplastic plastic and composite materials stick received sex also special good, and traditional of mechanical welding compared, single component polyurethane sealed rubber advantage obviously: can stick received different hot expansion sex coefficient of base material, and stick received firm, and insulation sex good, and corrosion sex small, and and reduced has screws and rivet combination pieces of vibration, and and process simple, significantly improve car Assembly efficiency and so on. At present, it is estimated that each car of one-component moisture-curable polyurethane adhesive for consumption will rise at a rate of 15% per year, while in auto glass, 95% car windshields in the world have adopted the one-component polyurethane sealant!

Although single component polyurethane using constantly increased, however sealed rubber manufacturing process does not simple, early in years Qian, high performance of polyurethane sealed rubber main rely on imports, 90% above of high-end products was abroad company occupation, but, gold glass friends 368 is meet line brand car original standard of single group copies polyurethane sealed rubber, not only has super high strength, also special soft, is good of elastic, more is real no solvent of products, zero volatile, no smell, care ride environment. Is high-grade vehicle replacement windscreen mandatory. The products are packaged, and every piece of rubber bonus of an adhesion promoter, a clean towel, a 12-metre-long windshield fixed no trace of adhesive tape, and a pair of non-slip gloves, and detailed product descriptions. Every detail is Bolivian friends have done adequate market research and analysis results, focus on product quality, focus on the customer experience is the consistent pursuit of Bolivian friends.

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