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Auto Sealant

  • Urethane Windscreen Sealant

    Contact NowUrethane Windscreen SealantDetailed Product DescriptionPU8620 is a type of fast curing one component polyurethane sealant used in sealing auto glass and bodywork bonding.Features1.Bond very well with surface of variety substratRead More

  • Car Body Sealing Sealant

    Contact NowCar Body Sealing SealantMulti-purpose polyurethane sealant for sheet metal PU813Detailed Product DescriptionPU813 is one component polyurethane sealant with durable and elastic sealing propertyFeatures1. Bond very well withRead More

  • Fast Curing Windscreen Sealant

    Contact NowFast Curing Windscreen SealantDetailed Product Description PU8636 is one component auto glass polyurethane adhesive, mainly use for repairing and replacement of windshield and side glass.Features1. 3 hours safe driving awayRead More

  • No Odor Autoglass Sealant

    Contact NowNo Odor Autoglass SealantDetailed Product DescriptionPU8635 is one component polyurethane adhesive used in various bonding and sealingFeatures1.No black water flow after gluing with using of low-purity shampoo water2.Low evenRead More

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