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Low Viscosity Silicone Conformal Coating

SI 1921 is low viscosity ,no solvent organic silicone coating.◆Detailed Product DescriptionFeatures1.Single component, low viscosity, solvent free, very convenient for application.2.Environment friend

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SI 1921 is low viscosity ,no solvent organic silicone coating.

◆Detailed Product Description


1.Single component, low viscosity, solvent free, very convenient for application.

2.Environment friendly 

3.High transparency, good adhesion

4.Good elastic and stabilize after curing at -60 - 200 ° C 

5.Bond very well with surface of variety substrates, primerless.

6.Excellent waterproof, anti-corrosion, moisture, electrical insulation performance


Used for protective coating of hard/soft printed circuit board and porous impregnating substrate

◆Data Table




Transparent fluid

Viscosity CPS (25℃)

500 - 700

Specific gravity


Mixture ratio

One component

Solid content

100 %

Touch dry time

18 mins,RT

Curing conditions

150℃ under ≤ 5min

Hardness (SHORE A)


Tensile strength(MPa)


Elongation  at break (%)


Share strength (MPa)


Peel strength(N/mm)


Dielectric strength  (kV/mm)


Dielectric  constant (1.2MHz)


Loss  factor (1.2MHz)


Volume resistivity (Ω·cm)




1.Use the dilunet according to you demand, can used without any diluent.

2.Diluted by diluent 1921, the volume of diluent will impact viscosity and the thickness of the glue.

2.Recommendations for the deployment of diluent 10% to 40%

3.Recommendations anhydrous toluene, petroleum ether for diluent, should not be used alcohols/ ketones solvents

4.Transferred to a watering pot and be sprayed directly

5.Use diluent to clean watering pot after spray

6.Application with good ventilation space


1.Prepare, anti-static brush or brush, etc.;

2.Open the barrel 

3.Use the brush for selective brushing, brushing the second time after dry of the first floor, brushing times is depend on the demand thickness.

Dip coating

1.Put the diluted gel in bucket to dip coating

2.To avoid bubbles the dipped speed of PCB immersion should not be too fast.

3.The touch dry time in the room temperature about 40mins, heat stoving is not recommend

4.Removal of the epidermis can continue to use.

◆Package and Storage


1kg/20kg Barrel                  


Keep in cool and ventilative place Temperature≤35℃                

Shelf life: 12 months (25℃)

These products don't belong to dangerous goods, so they can be transported as normal chemicals. But be careful of Leakage. 

Confirming the condition of the products that out of deadline before using.

Application method can consult the marketing department.

◆Safety Operation Material

MSDS isn't included here. Please read TDS, MSDS and label carefully before operation.You can get MSDS from SEPNA or other distributors, or mail to service center, or call +86-400-882-1323.

◆Product Warranty

All product properties and application details based on information believe to be reliable and accurate. But you still need to test its property and safety before application. The advices we supply don't apply in any circumstances. SEPNA don't make assurance of any other applications outside the specification until SEPNA supply a special written guarantee. SEPNA is only responsible to replace or refund if this product is defective within the warranty period stated above. SEPNA makes it clear that will not be liable of any accidents.

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