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    Silicone Gel For Electrical Insulation
    Silicone Gel For Electrical Insulation

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    SI2708 A & B is a two component silicone gel that crosslinks at room temperature by polyaddition reaction.The polymerisation can be accelerated by heat ( max. 150℃ ).

    The silicone components are delivered as two component low viscous liquids, which once mixed and cured,transforms into a transparent coloured, solid, elastic,self rebound and resistant material. Polymerisation occurs without formation of heat.

    The cured gel is used in some medical applications with high strength, such as mattress, headrest, goggles, skin sticker.


    Fast mixing ( 1:1) and easy processing due to the low viscosity.

    Room curing at normal.

    Very fast curing kinetics at elevated temperature.

    Adhere and elastic surface

    High tensile strength


    1. Components 

    Part A

    Part B


    Low viscous liquid

    Low viscous liquid




    Viscosity at   25℃

    Approx.500 mPa.s

    Approx.1000 mPa.s

    Density at 25℃

    0.99  g/cm3

    0.99  g/cm3

    2. Mixed components

    Mix ratio

    A:B = 100:100 by volume

    Viscosity after Mixing

    Approx.850 mPa.s

    Potting life

    40±10 minutes at 25℃

    Cruing time

    600minutes at 25℃

    3. Cured compound 

    Test at 25℃ after curing 7days at RT 



    Hardness, Shore 00


    Peel strength, N/mm


    Dielectric Strength,KV/mm


    Volume Resistivity,Ω·cm


    Dielectric Constant at 1 MHz


    Range of Using temperature

    - 60 ∽ 260 ℃


    1.Mixing the two components

    SI2708 A & B are mixed by weight in a fixed ratio given above.

    The two components may be thoroughly mixed either by hand or using a low-speed electric or pneumatic mixer to minimise the introduction of air and to avoid any temperature increase.

    Note: It is also possible to use a special mixing and dispensing machine for the two silicone components.

    Further information is available upon request.


    The mixture should be degassed preferably at 30 to 50 mbar to eliminate any entrapped air. If a dispensing machine is used, the two components are degassed separately prior to mixing.

    The silicone mixture expands to 3 to 4 times of its initial volume and bubbles rise to the surface .The bubbles progressively disappear and the mixture returns to its initial volume after 2 to 3 minutes. Wait a few minutes to complete the degassing and then flash the vacuum. The silicone is ready for pouring, either by gravity or under low pressure.

    Note: Flashing the vacuum once or twice accelerates the degassing. It is recommended to use a container with a high diameter/height ratio(3 to 4 times of the initial volume)


    The system, as indicated in the technical data, polymerises at 25℃ .The curing may be slowed down at lower temperature and contrary accelerated by applying heat.

    Note: in general contact with certain materials can inhibit the crosslinking of RTV. 

    See list below:

    Natural rubbers vulcanised with sulphur

    RTV elastomers catalysed with metal salts,e.g. tin compounds

    PVC stabilised with tin salts and additives

    Epoxy catalysed with amines

    Certain organic solvents, e.g.Ketones, alcohols, ether  etc.

    In case of doubts, it is recommended to test the substrate by applying a small quantity of the mixed silicone on a restricted area.

    Storage and Packaging

    The SI2708 A & B must be used within 12 months with respect to the manufacturing date.

    In order to preserve best properties it is recommended to follow strictly the following guidelines:

    Store the original packing tightly sealed and at a temperature below 30℃

    Use the product as soon as the packaging has been opened.

    SI2708 A & B is delivered in 5kg/5kg plastic cans and 10kg/10kg containers. 

    If needed special containers are available on request.

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