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Transparent Liquid Silicone Gel

High transparency liquid silicone gel SI2603◆Detailed Product DescriptionSI2603 is two component, silicone elastome which can cure at room temperature by a poly-addition reaction. This reaction can be

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High transparency liquid silicone gel SI2603

◆Detailed Product Description

SI2603 is two component, silicone elastome which can cure at room temperature by a poly-addition reaction. This reaction can be accelerated by heat.


1.Easy processing and curing.

2.Middle viscosity, easily mixing as 1:1 by weight or by volume.

3.Excellent transparency

4.High stability to ozone and ultraviolet light

5.High temperature stability

6.High stability and flexibility at low temperatures

7.Outstanding resistance to aging and weathering 

8.Low hardness, soft and flexible


1.Provide a glassy clear appearance to parts manufactured using it. The rubber is an excellent candidate to consider for cost-efficient manufacture of highly transparent optical parts, with very low modulus.

2.Rain-light sensors, camera systems, optical sensors

◆Data Table



Part  A

Part  B


Colorless Liquid viscous

Colorless Liquid viscous




Mix ratio


Pot life


Demoulding time,

with thickness of 1cm

(at ** °C, hours)




Hardness, Shore

Shore 00: 60

Tensile strength, MPa


Tear strength, N/mm


Elongation, %


Refractive Index at 23°C, 460nm


Transparency Index, thickness 2mm, %


Application temperature, ℃

- 60 ∽ 260

Note: crosslinking by heating does not affect the properties of SI2603.However, dimensional changes do occur that should be kept into account.


Remix each of the two components (part A and B) every time before using.

1.Mixing of the two components

Add 100 parts A to 100 parts B.

The two components may be intimately mixed either by hand or using a low-speed electric or pneumatic mixer to minimize the introduction of air into the mixture.

The viscosity of part A and B can be reduce using Sepna 2300, add 5 to 10% of the quantity of SI26XX SERIES . This will make no significant change to the mechanical properties after polymerization. Up to 30% of Sepna 2300 can be added without causing exudation.


After mixing base and catalyst, it is recommended to eliminate entrapped air.

If the processing is done with the help of a machine both parts are degassed before mixing.

The SI26XX series A&B is degassed under a vacuum of 30 to 50 mbar. Under vacuum, the product expands 3 at 4 times its initial volume and forms bubbles on its surface. These bubbles will disappear gradually and the mixture will sink back down to its initial volume. Wait a few minutes to ensure complete degassing and then release the vacuum. The product is ready for use.

Remark:  release the vacuum several times improves the degassing.  

For easier degassing only fill a recipient to 1/3 of its height.

The product can be poured by gravity or under pressure.  SI26XX series A and B is easier to use than normal RTV because the viscosity of the two components Increases relatively slowly.

3.Cross linking

At 23°C, the moulds can be demoulded after 24h. In order to achieve the best possible performance levels from the moulds it is preferable to wait for 24 h before using them.

If accelerated cure is desired, mild heat should be preferred. Conversely at lower temperature polymerization is much slower, at 20°C 36h may be necessary to complete cross-linking.

Be aware that contact with certain materials can inhibit the curing of this RTV:  

Natural rubbers vulcanized with sulphur

Polycondensation RTV catalysed with metal salts

PVC stabilizing 

gents Amine cured

epoxies Sulphur

containing clays.

In case of doubts, it is recommended to test the substrate by applying a small quantity of the mixed silicone on a restricted area. Take note that cross contaminates due to improperly cleaned tools or devices are a most frequent cause for inhibition

◆Package and Storage


5 kg part A + 5 kg part B,  20 kg part A + 20 kg part B, Part A is also available in 200 kg metal drums accompanied by the corresponding 200 kg of Part B.


When stored in their original unopened packaging at a temperature of between – 5°C and + 30°C,

SI2603 may be stored for up to 12 months from the date of manufacture clearly marked on the packaging.

Beyond this date, Sepna Chemical no longer guarantees that the products meet sales specifications.

◆Safety Operation Material

MSDS isn't included here. Please read TDS, MSDS and label carefully before operation.You can get MSDS from SEPNA or other distributors, or mail to service center, or call +86-400-882-1323.

◆Product Warranty

All product properties and application details based on information believe to be reliable and accurate. But you still need to test its property and safety before application. The advices we supply don't apply in any circumstances. SEPNA don't make assurance of any other applications outside the specification until SEPNA supply a special written guarantee. SEPNA is only responsible to replace or refund if this product is defective within the warranty period stated above. SEPNA makes it clear that will not be liable of any accidents.

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