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    • Silicone Lubricating Grease

      Contact NowSilicone Lubricating GreaseLubricating Grease SI112◆Detailed Product DescriptionSI112 is efficient silicone oil base specially used in dielectric isolation, surface protection, demoulding, lubricating, etc. Features1.ExcellentRead More2016-01-12

    • Silicone Thermal Grease

      Contact NowSilicone Thermal GreaseOne Component high thermal conductive Grease SI1101◆Detailed Product DescriptionFeatures1.SI1101 is produced by imported raw material and formula, composed by organo-siloxane and metallic oxide whichRead More2016-01-12

    • One Part Thermal Paste

      Contact NowOne Part Thermal PasteThermally conductive Grease SI1125◆Detailed Product DescriptionFeatures1.SI1125 is thermally conductive material used in electronic equipment, the conduction of thermally is fabulous2.The viscosity isRead More2016-01-12

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